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When searching “heating and air services near me”, within Dahlonega, you’ll find Heating and Air Conditioning of Dahlonega LLC. Get an immediate heating and air conditioning repair appointment from Dahlonega’s most reliable HVAC installation and replacement company.

Heating and Air Conditioning of Dahlonega

Our mission is to provide the best quality heating and air services in and near the Dahlonega area of north Georgia.

If you are searching for the top heating and air repair and replacement, be sure to call us. Ask about our low prices on new Carrier brand central air conditioning and furnaces.

Customers ask us whether it is smarter to repair or replace their heating and air. Super-efficient replacement heating and air systems can be a better investment in the long run than paying HVAC repair charges on an older less efficient unit which will likely require further repair. Once we are on-site and diagnose the problem, we can discuss the best solution for your situation.

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Enjoy maximum indoor comfort with a Wi-Fi enabled programmable smart thermostat. Experience remote access to the temperature, humidity, ventilation and even air filtration of your home or office from anywhere with your smartphone. Programmable smart thermostats capitalize on your system’s efficiency to increase cost savings by heating or cooling only when you need it. Learning thermostats adapt to your schedule for even greater cost efficiency.

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Heating and Cooling Repair

Call now for fast, reliable heating and cooling repair on any model air conditioning, gas furnace or heating system. Most HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) repairs take less than an hour and the cost is always provided up-front. We also weigh heating and cooling repair costs against the pricing and efficiency of a replacement system, so that you may make the appropriate decision.

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Replacement Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Standard replacement heating and air conditioning systems start at just $5,995.00, fully installed.

The average cost of a new or replacement 16 SEER high-efficiency heating, air conditioning and humidity control system is just $6,450.00.

Installation Costs vs Potential Savings

How often do you forget to turn off the heating or air when you leave your home for work or shopping? These occasions add up to hundreds of dollars every year. Smart thermostats allow you to turnyou’re your heating and air from anywhere. When you compare the cost of installing a smart and programmable thermostat against the savings it generates, the reason for doing so becomes clear. Couple those savings with the efficiency of a new heating and cooling system and you will find the upgrades justify themselves.

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Duct Cleaning Services

To keep your heating and air system working at peak performance, we offer fast and affordable air duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning should be performed more frequently in homes and offices without carpeting and rugs. Unlike carpeted floors, tile and hardwood floors are non-porous which means dust will keep recycling throughout your home or workspace. Duct cleaning with hospital grade 3-stage HEPA vacuum cleaning filters.

Before and after pictures of duct cleaning are also included at no additional charge.

Refrigerant Refills

If your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cool air into your home or building, it may be low on refrigerant also known as Freon. We can diagnose this quickly and all our vehicles are equipped with tanks of the most common refrigerant such as R-410A. We also add refrigerant to residential and commercial heat pumps including pool heat pumps as well as ductless mini-split systems.

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Capacitor Replacement

Another common repair item is the capacitor which is located on the outside condenser unit. It is important that the capacitor be installed correctly the first time by a licensed heating and air professional. Failure to do so can result in a warranty exclusion by the original equipment manufacturer.

Carrier systems include a new gas furnace with air conditioning unit complete with a ventilation system with a HEPA quality air filter.

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Carrier offers both natural gas-powered furnaces with outdoor air conditioning units or a heat pump system. FYI: 25 years of customer experience and product satisfaction surveys show the standard heating and air system outperforms the heat pump, especially during cold Dahlonega winters.

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Get a free Wi-Fi enabled smart or programmable thermostat with a new or replacement heating and cooling system through the end of 2024!

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